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When my husband and I started thinking about having kids, how to feed them wasn’t  something I gave much thought to. When we got pregnant with our daughter, I started doing research about feeding babies and it was incredibly overwhelming. Purees or baby-led weaning? When to start solids? How to go from bottles to food? Not to mention dyes, vitamins, veggies cut into flower shapes, utensils—oh my! Eventually, I was led to several helpful accounts on Instagram that became almost like my “feeding my kids bible.” After almost four years of feeding kids, these are my recommendations for the best Instagram accounts that help feed my kids. 

@Feeding Littles

Megan and Judy are the two moms who run @FeedingLittles, and they are incredibly relatable. I see myself in Megan’s relationship with her daughters when it comes to body image. I value their tools to help in different ways like the Three-Spoon Circus when babies first start eating, having a “no thank you” bowl on the table, and tried and true products they recommend.   


@SolidStarts preaches baby-led weaning and I am here for it. Their mission is to create a database that can literally be used as an encyclopedia of food, and they educate on the science behind baby-led weaning. They detail how to serve different foods for baby versus toddler, and they make a huge effort to include foods of the world. Sample feeding and sleep schedules are provided for baby through two years old to give guidance on how to juggle naps, meals, and bottles as you wean. 


Though Min’s Instagram account is called @kidfriendly.meals, her blog is MJ and Hungryman. She lives in Texas with her family, and she is constantly coming up with great and EASY recipes for feeding kids that expose them to a variety of foods. The recipes are easy to follow and she prioritizes veggie exposure. Most of her ideas and recipes use ingredients you already have on hand. And that means no special trips to the grocery store!


Jennifer is a nutritionist and has almost two million followers, so she knows what she’s talking about! She has beautiful infographics and easy-to-follow explainers. And she doesn’t feed her kids anything fussy and isn’t afraid to show us her “real” kitchen (which includes dishes piled up in the sink and burnt roasted broccoli). My favorite thing about her page is that she’s great at giving advice on how to talk about food. For instance, instead of saying “white food isn’t good for you,” saying “white food gives you energy.”

@BigLittleFeelings and @BusyToddler

While these accounts aren’t specific to what to feed kids, they have taught me a lot about how to feed kids. They’re each wildly different accounts run by moms who consistently advocate for it being “okay”! It’s okay to serve buttered pasta for dinner two nights in a row. It’s okay to let your kid eat Cheerios with a soup ladle.

You may be wondering if you have to pay for subscriptions to websites or courses that these accounts offer. The answer is no. I strictly use the (free!) advice they offer on Instagram and will occasionally visit their websites for (free!) recipes. Feeding kids can be a challenge, especially among the myriad of other responsibilities we have as parents. I recommend these Instagram accounts to help make feeding your kids even just a little bit easier.

Also, check out this recipe for kid-friendly apple treats. This is a great way to help your kids continue to be interested in different foods!

Ashley Flanagan
Ashley Yehl Flanagan has lived in Dennis, MA since 2017, when she and her husband Chris moved from Washington, DC. While on Cape, Ashley has been an active part of the Cape community, including participating as board member of Friends or Relatives with Autism and Related Disabilities (FORWARD) from 2020-2022, member of Cape Cod Young Professionals, and as a parishioner of Our Lady of the Cape. Ashley met her husband Chris Flanagan in 2014, and after four years of dating, tied the knot in 2018. Ashley and Chris are raising three children on the Cape, their daughter and twin boys. During Ashley’s senior year of college, she started a career in the federal government, which led her to travel to 106 countries doing public affairs work. For the past six years, Ashley has been a senior member of press operations at a federal agency, where she leads public communications on global issues. Growing up, Ashley aspired to be a journalist and while in middle school, wrote movie reviews for her local paper, The Hill Country News. She graduated from American University in Washington, DC and lived in London during her junior year.


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