Vintage headphones with book

My husband made a joke recently about me being an Uber driver because I had an AirPod in my ear all morning. What he didn’t realize was that I was five hours into a nine-hour audiobook, and I was loving it! I never expected audiobooks to be part of my motherhood journey. But I’m so glad I found them!

Before kids

In my pre-baby life, I was an English teacher. I attended a monthly book club with friends, and I loved visiting local libraries’ Express Read sections. I never made the leap to a Kindle or e-reader as I loved holding physical books in my hands. During Covid, I used my online library account to order books to be picked up outside when we weren’t allowed in. My bridesmaids surprised me by each gifting me a favorite book at my bachelorette party. And there was no question about how I’d decorate my baby’s nursery—a storybook theme, of course! The walls are lined with shelves that hold favorite tales, and the room is complete with a Peter Rabbit crib sheet and a Very Hungry Caterpillar hanging on the wall.

From podcasts to audiobooks

I enjoyed listening to a few different podcasts while completing mundane household tasks for awhile. While walking the dog in the cold, windy Cape air or folding laundry during naptime, I would listen to comedians and parenting gurus talk about a variety of things. But I found myself getting into a rut with podcasts. Then this past January, a friend suggested I listen to the Britney Spears autobiography rather than read it. I downloaded the Audible app and couldn’t believe how easy it was to listen while I was making dinner. My dog and I even found a new trail to explore in the neighborhood when I didn’t want to go back in the house one morning until a chapter was finished. 

I went to the library during February’s school vacation week and slogged through a hardcover book for the next four weeks. It was a book by an author I love, but I only had time to read at 9:00 p.m. I forced myself to get through it and I was proud when I finished. Despite finishing and liking the book, reading at my most tired moments every night felt more like punishment, not enjoyment.

Finding good audiobook apps

On a whim, I recently clicked on the Audible app and found that there was one credit. I wasn’t even sure what one credit meant, but there was a list of books there that were available for one credit. I recognized a few from some reading enthusiasts I follow on social media. My first choice was a mystery thriller. I enjoyed the Serial podcast series many moons ago, which was basically a big mystery story. My leap into audiobooks was now complete.

I’ve since downloaded the Libby app with my CLAMS library account. When I took my son to play in the children’s room at our local library recently, I decided to download a book to listen to. I didn’t even look through the books on display in the lobby! This time I’m going to try a lighter beach read with Cape Cod ties. 

They say motherhood brings the unexpected. My motherhood journey with audiobooks is certainly not one that I expected, but I’m glad I found them!


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