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Cape Cod moms are a special type of mom. Whether we’re true locals or washashores, we are very proud to call this beautiful piece of heaven our home. Cape Cod moms are down-to-earth, genuine, and perhaps a little bit salty! There’s a lot more to us than meets the eye. Here are five things Cape Cod moms want you to know.

1. We don’t hate tourists or summer residents.

There is a common misconception that we year-round residents dislike the summer population. And while there may be some eye rolls about the increased traffic and filled parking lots, many of us have businesses that rely heavily on the summer crowds. All we ask is for the same respect that you would expect if we were visiting your hometown. Please don’t leave trash on the playgrounds and beaches, and drive like your kids live here, too.

2. The off-season is our favorite.

There’s a reason the term “local’s summer” came into play. Local’s summer is made up of the blissful weeks of warm weather after Labor Day. The crowds and traffic have dissipated, we have the beaches to ourselves, and we can actually go to the grocery store on a Friday afternoon. We get a chance to enjoy our local seasonal restaurants and shops without the lines. And while many people believe the Cape in the winter is a desolate and lonely place, it’s truly no different than winter anywhere else when you have children, and there are many fun things to do. And even better, we rarely get enough snow to shovel.

3. Not all of us are true “locals.”

Many of us Cape Cod moms are “washashores” who chose to dig our roots in the sand because city life just wasn’t for us. Raising children on Cape Cod isn’t what many people perceive. Before I moved here permanently, I was certain that only retirees lived here. But the truth is, there are such vast resources for children with all different needs here. Cape Cod is truly a perfect place to raise a family.

4. We’re not all fishermen or restaurant owners.

Of course these are two very successful and appreciated industries here on Cape Cod. But we Cape Codders are quite diverse. Some of us work from home for major corporations. Some of us are healthcare workers. There are those who run their own businesses, from retail to trades and beyond. Some of us are teachers and artists. Whatever it is we do for a living, we are certainly proud to be doing it here on Cape Cod.

5. We can’t blame you for vacationing here.

This is our paradise, too. Whether we grew up here or moved here, Cape Cod is where we have chosen to build our lives. From the National Seashore to the forests of our state parks, Cape Cod is full of endless natural beauty. Not a day goes by that we take for granted being able to see the ocean every day.

Whether you’re visiting Cape Cod to enjoy our beautiful home during the summer months or you’re a new year-round resident, Cape Cod moms will welcome you with open arms. We hope you enjoy and respect our community as much as we do.


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