Libraries on Cape Cod are so much more than books or a rainy-day location to read!

Library books on shelvesOn Cape Cod, our library system is called CLAMS. You don’t need to be a Cape Cod resident to get a free library card, and you can register for one online. This library card can be used at any Cape library, regardless of which library you registered.

Your library card has many perks attached to it! Once you have your library card, check out the discounted museum passes that are offered at each library. For example, take a look at what discounted passes Brooks Free Library in Harwich has available, by museum nameI have personally used the Cape Cod Children’s Museum pass and had a wonderful time with my 5 year old – but that’s a post for another day.

Now, you’re ready to visit a library on Cape! 

If you haven’t been recently, you may be surprised at what you can borrow in addition to books. Want an outdoor game set, cookware, karaoke machine, or a dress maker’s mannequin? Those are all available as part of the “Library of Things”. 

You can browse many collections online, and once again, my favorite example is Brooks Free Library Library of Things!

Toys scattered on floor

Finally, the kids are saying they’re bored again – and you’re looking for a fun free activity. Check out the calendar of events at the libraries closest to you. There are the usual story times, but so many more fun things for children (and adults!) to enjoy.

At Brooks Free Library there are Preschool Projects for you to take advantage of. Falmouth Library hosts Coalition for Children – Bilingual Music and Movement, giving parents and their children an awesome reason to visit the library! And Sandwich Library (not a part of the CLAMS network) hosts Pokemon Scavenger Hunt and Tween Writing Group – how fun does that sound?

If you find a library that you love, become a member of their “Friends” group. The Friends are usually who provide the funds for museum passes and library events, and every library could use more Friends!

Do you have a favorite library on the Cape? Tell us about it in the comments!

Hope to see you “in the stacks” soon!

Danielle Kempe
Danielle is a lifelong MA resident - and proud of her “wicked strong” accent. She grew up on the North Shore but now lives on the South Shore, splitting her time between Upper Cape Cod & Marshfield. Danielle has 2 children - Elise and Ethan. Elise was born in 2017 and as of 2023 she’s 5 years old. She is also Autistic. Ethan is a new baby born April of 2023. Her family of 4 (husband, David) loves visiting Mass Audubon sites across MA and is always up for a fun adventure. Danielle is neurodivergent and works as a nonprofit fundraising professional. You can find her shuttling her kids between activities, being silly, lost in a good book - and sneaking in writing when she gets a chance.


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