Happy kids in their winter gear.

Winter Gear for Kids: Tips & Tricks for Staying Warm

The warm weather and ease of flip-flops and jacket-less days have ended, and the impending winter and frigid temps are right around the corner. But we don’t have to let this stop us from getting outside and reaping the benefits of fresh air, no matter the weather! I have some tips about dressing your kids in winter gear for the weather so you can get the most out of your outdoor time. Don’t worry; it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, either!

Layer, layer, layer that winter gear!

Start with a base layer that fits snugly to the body. While wool base layer sets are ideal, you can use jammies; they will work well too! After your base layer, add an insulated layer like a down-filled coat. The top layer should be waterproof, especially if you plan to play in the snow or on a rainy day. We have used these full-body rain suits as a waterproof outer layer, and they work fantastic!

Remember the accessories!

Mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats, oh my! These extra items can make your child more comfortable in the cold and play outside longer! I suggest fleece-lined hats for warmth and comfort, mittens for babies and toddlers, and gloves for older children who want improved dexterity. 

Shop secondhand for your winter gear

Don’t sleep on thrift stores, consignment stores, or online stores like Poshmark or Kidizen. You can find gently used winter gear for a fraction of the price. Once the kids have outgrown their clothes, you can also turn around and re-sell them to make a few bucks, too!

Size up with your winter gear for kids

When buying your winter gear, consider buying a size up so your kids can get more than just one season of use. This practice also allows for more of those cozy layers underneath. I love getting more bang for my buck, especially regarding something important like winter gear for the kids. 

Keep extra winter gear in your car

This tip is a game-changer. We always keep a spare set of clothes and extra hats, gloves, and a coat in the car for impromptu outdoor play. The weather can be unpredictable in the winter, and having these additional items is helpful if the need arises! 

Get outside, even if it’s cold

And lastly, be consistent with getting outside with your kids in their winter gear. It’s ok if you only stay out for 20 minutes! That fresh air and time in nature is still beneficial. By consistently going outside, your kids will become more resilient and used to the lower temps! 

I hope these tips help you stay toasty warm this winter while still enjoying the great outdoors. And remember, if it takes you longer to get everyone dressed than the time you spent outside, it’s still worth it! I promise they will put their gear on themselves one day while you sit back and drink your coffee in peace. 


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