Food Insecurity on Cape Cod: Resources That Can Help

It’s a well-established reality that food insecurity can affect anyone who doesn’t have enough money to buy food and faces difficulties in obtaining sufficient food for a healthy, active lifestyle. Cape Cod is not immune to this problem. We have compiled a list of resources helpful to you and your loved ones if you are struggling with food insecurity on Cape Cod.

Food Pantries

Many food pantries across the Cape cater to those facing food insecurity on Cape Cod. Some of these pantries require pre-qualifications, and all have different hours of operation. It is best to call your local pantry to find out their schedule and requirements.

SNAP Benefits

Snap benefits, previously known as food stamps, is a state-run supplemental program that gives debit cards to qualifying individuals facing food insecurity on Cape Cod and across Massachusetts. Fill out an application, and if you are eligible, you should receive a card within thirty days.

WIC – Women, Infants & Children

This program provides free food, breastfeeding support, nutritional information, and discounts on things from heating bills to aquarium visits to people facing food insecurity on Cape Cod.

School Meals for All

Governor Healy and the Massachusetts Legislature have made “School Meals for All,” which was started in 2020, permanent, starting this current school year. This program gives free access to any student who wants or needs breakfast or lunch at school.

Cape Kids Meals

Cape Kids Meals provides shelf-stable foods every Friday to families across the Cape. These items help to feed their children through the weekend. If you benefit from this assistance, contact a staff member at your children’s school.

Summer Eats

Project Bread is a Massachusetts-based organization that assists residents with access to free nourishment. They have a program called Summer Eats, which gives access to free meals to children and teens throughout the summer months at various locations. In conjunction with “School Meals for All,” this program creates an opportunity for free meals year-round for needy children.

Family Table Collaborative

This nonprofit distributes prepared meals directly to individuals and families. Anyone can make a confidential request for one of these nutritious and free meals.

Lasagna Love

Volunteers cook homemade lasagnas and deliver them to anyone needing a warm meal. There are no questions asked or qualifications to be a recipient.

Cape Wellness Collaborative

If you are receiving treatment for cancer, Cape Wellness Collaborative will provide nutritious dinners for free. Pick up meals for free, or have them delivered for a small fee.

Elder Services Meals on Wheels

Elder Services of Cape Cod delivers senior citizens’ meals directly to their door. There are also multiple dining locations across the Cape where seniors can eat together, with transportation to and from provided.

Food for Veterans

Food4Vets is a nonprofit program providing free fresh groceries and home-cooked meals for veterans. They also host lunches for vets, which not only provide nutritious meals but social time as well.

Too Good to Go App

Have you heard of this innovative app yet? Too Good to Go connects stores and restaurants with surplus food with people looking to save money. Download the free app and see what locations in your town offer discount food!

I hope this list was helpful, and remember if you need assistance outside of food, there are many options here on the Cape. Here is a recent article highlighting other options.


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