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As the holiday hustle fades away, I’ve started preparing for my second child’s arrival in March. Reflecting on my first time becoming a mom, I’ve put together 13 unique gift ideas that I found incredibly helpful. These gifts might make the journey smoother for new moms diving into this fresh adventure.

1. Comfortable Pajamas

I practically lived in my pajamas for the first few weeks after my baby’s arrival. I rotated through pairs so frequently that multiple pairs of comfy sleepwear became a lifesaver! A new mom would cherish a comfortable set of pajamas—I love the comfort of Old Navy’s Sunday Sleep line and the cozy appeal of Target’s Stars Above collection!

2. Ice Slippers

During the later stages of my pregnancy and for a few weeks after giving birth, my feet were often swollen. I purchased a pair of ice slippers from Amazon and found relief in wearing them intermittently throughout the day. They truly worked wonders, making me feel like a new person.

3. Wipe Warmer

I initially dismissed the idea of a wipe warmer as unnecessary—why warm-up wipes, right? But once my daughter came home from the hospital, it was a game-changer. During diaper changes, she often surprised us with a little sprinkle. After investing in a wipe warmer, these unexpected ‘events’ stopped, and diaper changes became easier.

4. Easy-to-grab snacks

I experienced constant hunger, especially during those late-night hours. The last thing I wanted to do was spend time preparing food or eating something that wouldn’t sit well. So, I stocked up on convenient, grab-and-go snacks I could keep in my nursing cart—protein bars, trail mix packs, nuts, and fruits. And a few of my favorite candies, too!

5. A new water tumbler

Staying hydrated is vital for your health, especially during pregnancy and postpartum. I swear by Simple Modern tumblers, particularly the 40oz Trek. It’s spill-proof (ideal for when my toddler snags my drink), keeps water cold for 24 hours, and conveniently fits in cup holders. Mine is always by my side!

6. Under Eye Masks

Under-eye masks rank high among my self-care essentials. Their convenience and the instant refreshment they provide are unbeatable. They’re a simple way to fit in self-care during chaotic moments. With numerous quality brands available, I opt for ones that aid in depuffing—ideal for those nights with less sleep!

7. Weighted Heating Pad

During pregnancy and postpartum, the strain of carrying extra weight and bending to care for my baby led to persistent tightness in my upper back, causing frequent headaches. I discovered relief with a weighted heating pad purchased from Amazon. It relaxed my sore muscles and facilitated better stretching, alleviating my discomfort.

8. Gift Cards to Amazon, Target, or Walmart

While giving gift cards might seem impersonal, they’re convenient for new moms. Countless times, I made urgent overnight orders on Amazon or rushed for same-day pickups at Walmart or Target for items I hadn’t anticipated needing. Your new mom friend will likely face similar situations, and a gift card can be invaluable during those unforeseen moments!

9. Food

Ensuring proper nourishment during pregnancy and postpartum is crucial. However, with the baby’s arrival and life becoming hectic, taking care of your meals can be easily overlooked. Consider gifting freezer-friendly meals (don’t overlook breakfast options!) or a food delivery gift card. I’ve found Home Chef’s healthier, oven-ready meals to be fantastic. DoorDash is excellent for ordering from her favorite takeout spot when turning on the oven feels like too much, or Instacart can help her get groceries delivered right to her door.

10. A box of your favorite or most used baby items

A thoughtful cousin gifted me a box brimming with her favorite and frequently used baby essentials during my baby shower. She even shared valuable tips, like sizing guides for various clothing stores. This gesture was incredibly considerate and practical—every item in the box became a well-used item!

11. Ice Roller

An ice roller has become a must-have in my routine! From pregnancy’s puffiness to postpartum recovery, it’s been a game-changer. I even packed it for the hospital and found relief from post-epidural itchiness. You can find excellent options on Amazon, or check out The Skinny Confidential for a fantastic option!

12. Stain Remover Spray

While I’ve learned to embrace some of motherhood’s messiness, stains are one thing I prefer to tackle right away — and there was a lot during my daughter’s first few months. It might seem like an unconventional gift, but a quality stain remover spray can be a game-changer! Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Spray is incredibly effective, but any reliable brand will work wonders.

13. Kindle and/or Kindle Unlimited Subscription

I spent late nights on my phone, Googling ‘Is this normal?’ or aimlessly scrolling through social media. Then, I rediscovered my Kindle and hoped it might replace my phone at bedtime. Reactivating my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I dove into books, and it made a huge difference—even improving my sleep. Anything that keeps you off your phone and helps you sleep is a win for any new mama! And as a bonus, mama can borrow books from the library for free!


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