Kid friendly nature walks on Cape Cod.

Do you want to get outside with your kids and explore Cape Cod’s natural beauty? Conservation land covers thousands of acres, and there are public trails on many of these properties. I’ve walked many of these trails with my two boys, and I’ve found that their favorites have access to water, boardwalks, unique trees to climb, or another surprise along the way. I’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite kid-friendly nature walks, all under 1.5 miles long. I hope you and your kids get outside and enjoy them, too!

Wing Island Trail, Brewster

This kid-friendly nature walk will lead you across a narrow boardwalk through a forest, and you’ll end up on Cape Cod Bay! This trail’s varying landscape is appealing to children who will be captivated by the raw beauty. Watch for the osprey sitting in their nest during the summer months!
Pro tip: Walk at low tide to avoid soggy feet; the boardwalk floods at high tide!
Address: 773 Main Street, Brewster. Park at Drummer Boy Park, then walk East down Rte 6A until you see the sign for the trail on your left.

Fort Hill, Eastham

This kid-friendly nature walk boasts a long boardwalk winding through a swamp, a large boulder your kids will love to climb, and a view across the marsh to Nauset Beach. Fort Hill is full of history; find the “Indian Rock” on top of Skiff Hill; you can see and feel the carvings made by the Nauset people hundreds of years ago. For more information about the rich history of this property, visit the National Parks website.
Pro tip: This is an epic location to watch the sunset!
Address: End of Fort Hill Road, Eastham

Beech Forest, Provincetown

We love this kid-friendly nature walk in the spring and summer months when the beech trees create a towering canopy above most of the path. Check out the small dock along the pond, and keep your eyes out for tadpoles or frogs!
Pro Tip: Bring a little birdseed and hand-feed the songbirds on the boardwalk.
Address: 175 Race Point Road, Provincetown

Alms House Trail, Yarmouth Port

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned tire swing? This wooded nature walk leads to a marsh with a tire swing hanging from an old, sturdy tree. Not only is it kid-friendly, but the view from that spot is breathtaking!
Pro Tip: This trail has many downed trees; roll over the small ones and look for salamanders!
Address: End of Alms House Road, Yarmouth Port

Great Marsh Loop, West Barnstable

This wooded trail leads through the woods with access to a small pond and an overlook across the marsh. The interconnecting trails are well-marked and maintained. While exploring this property, we found abundant wildlife, including turtles, snakes, deer, and even a red fox. Great Marsh Loop is the perfect kid-friendly nature walk!
Pro Tip: The train runs by this property; it was so exciting for my boys to see it fly by.
Address: 2444 Main Street, West Barnstable

These trails are all unique and special in their own way. I hope you enjoy exploring these kid-friendly nature walks with your kids.

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